Donald Glover on hosting MTV’s SXSW awards: “I will definitely be drunk”

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Donald Glover

It's easy to forget about mtvU, but then they do something cool like hiring Donald Glover to host their Woodie Awards on March 16th and suddenly you're wishing you had that obscure TV channel. 

The awards show will begin at midnight, air live from SXSW, and feature musical performances from Wiz Khalifa, Sleigh Bells, Odd Future, and Two Door Cinema Club — plus two more artists who are yet to be announced. Wiz, Sleigh Bells and Two Door Cinema Club are all nominees, as are other usual suspects Arcade Fire, Girl Talk, and strangely, Kanye West. The Woodies (seriously, does that mean what I think it does?) have never had a host before, and Glover seems like a pretty great way to go, considering his own musical genius.

According to Glover, he plans to get tips on hosting from the sloppy VMAs of the days of yore ( "Where the Beastie Boys would come on drunk, Cyndi Lauper would be stumbling onstage, things would fuck up"), and then add his own drinking habit to make the show a success: 

"I will definitely be drunk. That’s the only way to do it. I don’t want to be the square at the party: 'Okay, right, okay, Wiz Khalifa, you can’t do that.' No, wreck my parents' house, please."

Man. Makes you miss college.