Don’t laugh at the new video for The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy”

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Good news for Black Keys fans: the first single from El Camino (and wasn't that title inevitable?), "Lonely Boy," is now available on iTunes, and the band uploaded a video for the tune on their YouTube page last night.

I've been a fan since The Big Come Up. Guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney made their name playing thick, muddy blues rock, and finally won their first three Grammy awards thanks to Danger Mouse and the Brothers album. Just like The White Stripes, a guitar and drum set is all that's needed.

Danger Mouse produced El Camino as well, which at this point almost means guaranteed success, like having Rick Rubin attached. You can see Danger Mouse's hand at work in "Lonely Boy;" it's poppier, with a peppy organ and a surfy feel, definitely catchy. I guess the video budget didn't allow too much wiggle room though, because all we get in the "Lonely Boy" vid is some guy getting his groove on outside of an office, doing his best Carlton Banks as he lip-synchs to the song. If you pay close attention, you can spot someone peeking out the office window at the :29 mark. El Camino will be released on December 6.