Drake crashes fan’s karaoke performance

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If you're ever performed "Born to Run" blitzed off your ass at a karaoke bar, you've probably  wondered what would happen if Bruce Springsteen himself cruised by in his limo, heard your rendition of his song from outside, and was so moved by your astounding vocal gymnastics that he felt compelled to wander in from off the streets and watch your performance, perhaps even joining you onstage to duet on the last few verses. This is exactly what happened to YouTube user "deefromca" Tuesday night, who started to sing the first few lines of a Rihanna song before she was joined onstage by rapper Drake for a performance of "What's My Name."

Dalal ("Dee"), an international student from Kuwait and karaoke regular, showed up at Saddle Ranch on Sunset Boulevard after a friend who DJ'ed there texted her, saying an anonymous celebrity was in the audience. Before performing the song, Dee asked the audience if there was anyone who could rap the Drake part before the rapper jumped onstage, accompanied by his bodyguard. "I was like, 'Oh my God, Drake!'" Dee told E! News. "I just got lost in the moment and thought, 'Whatever happens, I don't care.' It was a total Hollywood moment." 

The video of Drake crashing the karaoke party is above, and regardless of what you think about him, the song, or the practice of drunkenly singing pop songs in a roomful of equally drunk strangers, it's pretty effing awesome. Now Bruce, let's talk about that "Promised Land" duet, and promise me you won't Bogart the mic or do that god-awful "I'm-rocking-and-rolling-'cause-I'm-sliding-on-my-knees-with-my-guitar" thing.