A few weeks ago, a photo of a woman with the name of rap artist Drake tattooed across her forehead went viral. The reaction on the Internet was pretty much split between a), marveling at how stupid a person must be to get a "Drake" tattoo on their their forehead, and b) wondering why the fan chose "Drake" for the tattoo instead of "Jimmy Brooks," the name of the rapper's Degrassi: The Next Generation alter ago. Last Friday, Jimmy himself spoke out about the incident on a Los Angeles radio show, telling host Mando Fresko that while he considers the fan who requested the tattoo "incredible," the artist who complied was a "fucking asshole."

"I want to meet her and understand what happened," Drake said of the fan in the photograph (my guess is that the answer would be a combination of "extremely strong pot" and "a childhood without educational toys"). "That's cool though, I feel you 100%, that to me is absolutely incredible...the guy who tatted it is a fucking asshole though, I will tell you that. I don't fuck with that guy. Fuck you to that tat artist by the way. And you should lose your job and should never do tats again and I don't fuck with you. If I see you, I'm a fuck you up." 

For his part, the artist in question, Kevin Campbell of the LA shop Will Rise, recently defended himself to Vice magazine, claiming that he was hesitant to ink the fan in the first place. "She acted as if she planned it out for a while, but I'm not really sure how much extended coherent thought could actually go into getting such a stupid tattoo on your forehead," Campbell said, adding that he assumed Drake was the name of "her hood or some shit, not some goofnugget R&B dude."

To which I would indignantly reply that while I'd agree that it's never a good idea to get a tattoo on your forehead, clearly, sir, you have not seen the episode where Jimmy gets a recording contract by free-styling at the eleventh grade talent show. 

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Commentarium (8 Comments)

Dec 27 11 - 6:16pm

"Goofnugget R&B dude." This coming from a guy who tattoos dragons, skulls, tribal bullshit & other such high-minded art. Most shocking about this whole debacle was that VICE actually still exists.

Dec 27 11 - 6:39pm
Skyy Vodka!!

Get a red high-heel boot tattooed on your forehead. Then you will officially ROCK!

Dec 28 11 - 11:02am

How about you get a tattoo of my nuts on your chin?

Dec 28 11 - 3:26pm

But for a most unusual time, go kill yourself!

Jan 05 12 - 2:12am

I'm a girl and would never write that, but nice try trolling my name.

Dec 27 11 - 7:39pm
Alex Heigl

I'm not sure what's more laughable, the tattoo or Drake claiming "I'ma fuck you up."

Dec 28 11 - 2:11am

I'm trying to imagine that tattoo artist that uses words like "goofnugget." Seriously, everything about this article is hilarious.

Dec 28 11 - 3:44am

You cannot rationally admire the fan and ridicule the tattoo artist. It doesn't make any sense. She made the decision, how could he be blamed for carrying it through? If she was of right mind and of age, the tattoo artist had no reason to deny inking her, and Drake had no reason to find her blameless.