Drug addict breaks into Moby’s house, Moby gives him some cash and a sweater

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Moby can be irritatingly mild — from his music to his vegan lifestyle to the expanse of his blemish-less head — but apparently, he's so Zen that he doesn't even bother to lock his front door. Wandering into his living room yesterday morning, Moby found a slightly dazed guy had also wandered in, without an invitation. Rather than call the cops, he had a heart-a-heart with his unexpected visitor. 

According to Moby's account, Moby politely asked the man to leave, but the intruder was still on acid, and so decided, instead, to stay. Moby's solution? Provide him with supplies for his journey through the Hollywood Hills — enough money to treat himself to a McGriddle and a sweatshirt to guard against the chill.

Of the experience, Moby says, "I've decided locking my doors might be a good thing." With this story online for other local partiers to see, it's either that or become a halfway house for people coming down.