Elvis Costello says skip his expensive box set; recommends Louis Armstrong collection instead

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elvis costello

Well, it looks like Elvis Costello just lost his holiday-party invitation from Hip-O Records. Rather than promote his upcoming box set, The Return of the Spectacular Spinning Songbook, Costello is urging people not to slap down the $202.66 and to purchase some Louis Armstrong instead.

On his blog, Costello called the price of the box set "either a misprint or a satire" and found himself "unable to recommend" the collection. Rather, he suggested you buy Armstrong's Ambassador of Jazz set for your musically-inclined loved ones. As Costello argued, it's cheaper ($149.99), comes in a "cute little imitation suitcase," and features albums from "one of the most beautiful and loving revolutionaries that ever lived." Just in case you didn't get the whole Louis-is-better-than-me-in-every-conceivable-way memo, Costello also added, "Frankly the music is vastly superior."

Of course, he's not a total anarchist — Costello advised people who still wanted the music to wait until the separate items became available next year at a lower cost and please don't pirate it, okay? — but it's nice to know Declan is still up to his usual amusing antics. Antics which also include quirky style (see above photo) and gloriously awkward dancing.