St. Elmo’s Fire has been sincerely re-worked as a tribute to Tim Tebow

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When the words "St. Elmo's Fire remade as Tebow tribute" first found its way into my consciousness either through an inbox tip or from one of the various websites on my Google Reader, I quickly scanned passed it, ignoring it completely. This Tebow thing has been a fun ride and fascinating to watch from all angles, but everything's been pretty much covered at this point. Dude's not good at football, but wins all the time, because apparently God wills it or something. Did I really need a shitty parody song to reiterate all that again?

It wasn't until The Awl actually linked to this article over at Fox 31 Denver where I gave it a second look. Because, apparently, it's no parody. It's an actual honest-to-goodness sincere tribute to number 15 himself. And that is something that cannot be ignored.

John Parr, the musician behind the 1985 hit "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)," which was made famous by its titular role in the iconic '80s movie, is evidently a big Tebow fan. To show his love, he decided to take out his original tapes from dust-collecting storage and rewrite the lyrics to help proclaim the gospel that is Tebow 3:16.

A sample of the new lyrics:

Play the game
You know you can't quit until it's won
Soldier on
Only you can do what must be done

You know I’m out there

Down on one knee
  a prisoner
And I’m tryin' to break free

Again, this is not a parody. Enjoy (that can't be the right word) the whole thing below: