Ex-Queens of the Stone Age bassist in police standoff

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Ex-Queens of the Stone Age bassist, Nick Oliveri, has been arrested following a four-hour standoff with a SWAT team at his Hollywood home.

Oliveri was taken into custody around 10:30 pm Tuesday night after police knocked down his front door. Initially called to the scene by Oliveri's neighbor, who had reported a "disturbance" between the bassist and his girlfriend, police found themselves barred from entering the duplex.

After two hours, Oliveri allowed his girlfriend to exit, and two hours after that, he gave himself up.

A search of the 39-year-old bassist's home turned up a fully-loaded, high-powered rifle. Oliveri was booked on felony domestic violence charges and is out on bail.

Between this and Coheed and Cambria's bassist robbing a pharmacy, I'm wondering what the shit is going on with rock bassists. I mean, granted, "bass player" isn't the most glamorous position in a band (it's slightly higher than "roadie" or "Meg White"), but come on, guys, relax a little. If Jason Newsted could put up with all the crap Metallica put him through with a smile, you guys can keep from robbing pharmacies and barricading yourselves inside your duplex.

Although, considering Oliveri was famously kicked out of Queens because frontman Josh Homme was tired of being the "tornado cleanup crew," maybe we shouldn't really be too surprised about this.