Ex-RHCP guitarist seeks protection from stalker fan

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John Frusciante, ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, has filed a request for a protective order from a female fan that he maintains is stalking him.

Thirty-two-year-old August Elizabeth Thomas (first sign of danger: month name) approached Frusciante last year hoping to secure the rights to draft a screenplay about his life. Frusciante declined, presumably because his dark (read: heroin) period is already well-documented and really, really, depressing. 

But Thomas wouldn't take no for an answer and apparently began a campaign of meandering, "overly emotional" letters and emails. She also insisted on showing up to several concerts to confront Frusciante about the script, and dropped by his home twice in a two-day period to continue pressing the issue. Whether she stood on the front lawn holding aloft a boombox playing a tape of Frusciante's criminally underrated solo album Shadows Collide With People has not been specified.

In any event, Frusciante expressed a fear that Thomas is "unstable" and "could snap at any moment" in his written request for a protective order, noting that since he and his wife Nicole Turley are both musicians, it would be difficult to avoid the increasingly-tenacious Thomas should she remain free. The pair's court date is later this month.

Reports of Flea repeatedly calling Frusciante to bitch at him about "leaving me alone with Kiedis" are solely speculation on the part of this writer.