Flavor Flav opens his first chicken restaurant

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Flavor Flav

As if he could read our minds, Flavor Flav granted our collective wish and opened his own chicken spot in Clinton, Iowa. After the success of his ninety-nine-cent wings at Las Vegas restaurant Mama Cimino, he took the opportunity to capitalize on his chicken-frying prowess and go into business for himself. Flav's Fried Chicken opened its doors today, and its proud owner promised the local paper that his presence will not be a rarity. He assured the Clinton Herald that he'd be in for promotions often and would even man the fryer himself from time to time. 

Apparently, the hip-hop-pioneer-turned-reality-star has a culinary degree and restaurant experience. Go figure. I was so ready to say all types of snarky things about eating food Flavor Flav had his hands on, but he can probably hold his own in a kitchen. I will take this opportunity to point out the delicious irony in a founding member of Public Enemy (seems so, so long ago now) opening his own chicken joint, though. Hopefully, his wings are just as tasty.