Foo Fighters basically causing earthquakes with their music

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You may not be a fan of the the Foo Fighters — hello, my name is James, and I am not a fan of the Foo Fighters — but you'll have to admit that they can rock out with the best of them, especially now that their concerts are causing small seismic events in New Zealand. The group stopped in Auckland with opening act Tenacious D to play for some 50,000 Kiwis, and the force of the sound was enough to trigger readings at not one but two seismic stations in the surrounding area, readings high enough to compare with actual volcanic activity.

What's especially cool, though, is that the scientists could even tell from the measurements what was happening at the concert:

“The first vibrations were recorded around 7:30pm, part way through the Tenacious D set, but the biggest shakes started at 8:20pm when the Foo Fighters took the stage, and then it all went quiet at 11pm when the gig ended,” Geonet states.

“The concert vibrations were recorded as a semi continuous harmonic signal with a peak osculation of 3Hz, i.e. the ground was shaking 3 times per second in a nice rhythmic motion.  There are lulls in the signal between the songs and peaks in signal intensity during the songs.”

I think 2012 could be a big one for the Foo Fighters. They could be the first band to win a Grammy and destroy an island nation with the sheer force of their music in the same year. (Obviously the Carpenters did both, but spread out by, like, half a decade.) The group is taking a short hiatus from touring, but will be back to ravage other parts of the world in March.