Fred Durst blogs about his sixty-day juice diet, fails miserably

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Blogs are, by nature, a throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks proposition. No matter how noble the intention — whether it's to record the goings-on of your personal life or simply to fill the giant void that constitutes the internet's lack of hand-drawn Jorge Garcia gang-bang fan fiction — in more cases than not, the writer gets bored with it quickly and just ignores it, another addition to the ever-growing desolate wasteland of orphan blogs.

So it's not news that someone started a blog with the intention of blogging us through their sixty-day journey on an all-juice diet, and then that blog stopped being updated after only twelve days because of the person's failure to accomplish the goal. What is news is the writer of the blog was none other than Limp Bizkit frontman and backwards-hat enthusiast Fred Durst.

The cleverly-named "60 day juice diet with Fred Durst" blog started off strong with photos of his newly-purchased juicer, shots of his shirtless bod, and documentation about his starting weight. But then after about, oh, a day or so, the cracks start to show.

January 2nd:

"Definitely working up a good headache already. Geez. This blows."  

January 4th:

"This is going slowwwww. Probably because I cheated last night and had some M&M’s."

January 5th:

"Another day of juice down. Definitely NOT getting easier. And I cheated tonight with an oatmeal cookie. She was good!!"

And then Durst goes into near-radio silence with nothing much else to report until this for-now final post on January 12th:

"The diet has been challenging to say the least. I haven’t seen any significant results yet. That’s why I haven’t been very excited to post anything. I am about 2 lbs lights and definitely feeling better internally. My thoughts are clear and inspired, but I’m discouraged in some ways. I guess it’s my own personal baggage that’s lugging around behind me. All comes to the forefront on a diet like this. Bullocks."

Haven't seen any "significant results" yet, have you Mr. Durst? I'm no doctor, but maybe it's because every time to drink something healthy you 'cheat' and eat something shitty?

In any case, the blog has been dark since. Durst has gone back to his life of presumably finding words that rhyme with "nookie" and being angry at things in the privacy of his own home. Our Long National Nightmare is over. Or is it?

"I must say, the CBS script that we have turned in is a genuine classic. So much. So revealing. So funny. So warm. Mathew Carlson is one talented writer. I’m very excited for you to see this."