French electro-pop duo The Shoes debut Jake Gyllenhaal serial-killer video

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The Shoes (Guillaume Briere and Benjamin Lebeau) are a French synth-pop group from Reims, France who've produced artists like Shakira and Santigold. Their 2011 debut album, Crack My Bones, got some positive underground buzz with their '80s edge propelled by precision-tooled basslines and urgent beats, and you can hear the influence of post-Daft Punk house and "French Touch" pop in their music.

In the disturbing new video for their single "Time to Dance," directed by Daniel Wolfe, Jake Gyllenhaal (last seen in Source Code) plays an intense serial killer in the mold of American Psycho's Patrick Bateman. Gyllenhaal, of course, previously had a brush with a serial killer as the political cartoonist in Zodiac. I'm not sure what his motivation for doing this was, but whatever the case, over the course of eight-plus minutes, Gyllenhaal gives an intense, brooding performance. First he dispatches a young, dancing couple while decked out in fencing gear; after that, he's smoking and doing drugs, working out at a gym, getting a close shave, and zoning out in a sauna, all the while brutally taking out more victims. This emotionless, psychopathic Gyllenhaal scares me, so I look forward to his next film, End of Watch, where he returns to the right side of the law as an L.A. cop.