Gucci Mane arrested for pushing a woman out of a car

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Gucci Mane

In news that's as depressing as it is outlandish, Gucci Mane has been arrested on charges of battery and violation of probation after pushing a woman out of a moving Humvee back in January. Literally pushing a woman out of a moving Humvee.

According to reports, the "Lemonade" rapper apparently "picked up a woman at a local mall, invited her out for breakfast, and then tried to offer her $150 to stop by a hotel with him. When she refused, he pushed her out of his car while it was in motion." Hilarious though the ice-cream-cone facial tattoo was, on the heels of his stint in a psychiatric facility, Gucci has pretty rapidly made the transition from eccentric to disturbing. Here's hoping the women of the world stay out of his Hummer from here on out.