Hanna director Joe Wright calls out Sucker Punch for fake feminism

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Speaking at WonderCon recently, Hanna director Joe Wright — also known for directing the suicide-inspiration flick Atonement — had some pointed words for Zack Snyder and his newest film, Sucker Punch. You know, the movie about five girls fighting back in only the tiniest of miniskirts and chest-bearingest of shirts against the forces that control them. Wright called out the film for putting up a facade of feminism while actively objectifying its female leads:

For me, one of the main issues in terms of women's place in society and feminism is the sexual objectification of women. That’s something that feminists in the ’70s tried to fight against but has been totally lost in the 21st-century consumer-celebrity world. So for me, when I look at the poster for Sucker Punch, it seems actually incredibly sexist, because it is sexually objectifying women regardless of if they can shoot you or not.

Snyder himself had already addressed this question of whether or not his film is feminist, but he, not surprisingly, took a different view, saying that he wanted to show the viewers their own complicity in the objectification of the women, blah blah subversion blah blah reclaiming negative stereotypes. I'll leave it to you all to decide whether a movie written and directed by a man heavily marketed towards a male audience can do the work of "reclaiming" anything for women. (Wait, no, I won't: I'm sure it's not impossible, but I'm even more sure Sucker Punch can't.)

Wright's Hanna, which opens this week, also features a girl kicking ass, but the director was quick to point out that he never sexualized her — and the trailer seems to hold up that claim. Frankly, I was more excited about his film anyway, even if there aren't any dragons.