Hear “Girls (Who Run the World),” Beyonce’s collaboration with Diplo and Switch

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When I first heard that Beyoncé was working with such acts as Sleigh Bells, Diplo, and Switch on her upcoming album, I'm not gonna lie: I was pretty excited. (Yeah, that's right, I love Beyoncé. What of it?) And now that the first single from that album, "Girls (Who Run the World)," has leaked, I'm… maybe less excited? I don't dislike the song, exactly — and give me ten more listens and I'll probably love it or at least put it on my iTunes — but I was hoping for more than a heavy sample of Major Lazer's "Pon de Floor," which doesn't really feel like a collaboration. I wanted to see what new and strange musical fruits would be produced by this union!

Of course, the rest of the song is classic Beyoncé: girl-power lyrics, growling commands for her man to respect her, some call-and-response action. This song definitely comes from the Sasha Fierce side of her personality.

So, is it any good? I'm going to hold out on a final judgment until we get a finished version, which will take out those DJ announcements sprinkled throughout and maybe clean up some of the buzzes and pops. But in truth, I'm still just waiting for that Sleigh Bells track.