Hear Scissor Sisters’ collaboration with Azealia Banks, “Shady Love”

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You've got to give Scissor Sisters credit for snatching up the chance to work with Azealia Banks as early as they did. Now that the rapper has topped NME's annual Cool List and showed up on many year-end "best of" lists (almost entirely on the strength of her self-released single "212"), she's primed to become the next Nicki Minaj. That sounds reductive, and it is — the two have pretty different styles of rapping and appearance — but it's easy to envision Azealia Banks becoming highly in demand as a guest on a track. So good job, Scissor Sisters, for being so on point with "Shady Love," their newest single, which features Banks under the alias Krystal Pepsy. (You guess is as good as mine.)

Honestly, I thought this sounded like Banks even before I found out she was actually on the track; her vocals here are pretty reminiscent of the bridge from "212" (which you can hear below). That's not a bad thing, at this point — that song is ridiculously listenable and it's early days yet, so it might not be a bad idea to stick to a sound that's obviously working. (For a little bit.) I'm certainly digging "Shady Love," but mostly it just makes me want to hear what Banks will do next.

(Warning: "212" is definitely NSFW.)