Hear Sleigh Bells cover Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”

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Even if you only know of Sleigh Bells in passing, you probably know that the band's signature sound involves a lot of loud, some might say painful, guitar riffs. (I would say painfully awesome. But it's definitely not the kind of thing that's universally beloved.) But every now and then singer Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Miller tone it down a bit, like on "Rill Rill," one of the most popular tracks from their debut album, Treats, if my unscientific polling of friends is any indication. So it's clear the band can do scaled-down quite well. But: how would they do with a cover of Beyonce's "hear me roar" ballad "Irreplaceable"? (You know it: "To the left, to the…" I'll let you mumble the rest quietly to yourself now.)

To be honest, that song just doesn't work well without the entire Beyonce persona behind it, giving it that extra oomph that only a multimillionaire pop diva can. Krauss, despite how lovely her breezy vocals can be over Miller's shreds, doesn't quite have it. With her energy behind it, it feels very… Lilith Fair. Shockingly so:

Someone get a time machine and bring this song to circa-1995 Lisa Loeb immediately!