Henry Rollins goes after “young elitist hipsters” on German TV show

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Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins just wanted to take his heroic Iranian friend on a tour through the Cakeshop record store on New York's Lower East Side. He just wanted to make a quick little clip for a German TV show and he really wanted to be left alone. Instead he was attacked (verbally assaulted, for God's sake) by his fans and their love for him… and that could not be condoned.

"Get In The Van!" a pleasant and harmless young woman shouts, referring to the Rollins autobiography and bestseller. Sure she shouldn't have interrupted his TV taping with this tossed-off one-liner, but she wasn't trying to mock him either. Watch what happened next:

If you're a Rollins fan, as I am, you probably cringed at the part where he rattled off all those Grammys and whatnot for the audiobook version of Get In The Van.