Fans of Chris Brown are just the worst

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Last week's Grammy broadcast had a little bit of everything for everyone. It was a unique emotional rollercoaster you don't usually see during an awards ceremony anymore in this, the Age of Great Ironic Detachment.

You had the deep sensation of sorrow hovering over the entire event with the recent tragic death of Whitney Houston. You had the unbridled joy that came with Adele not only making her comeback performance during the broadcast, but also winning six awards, including Best Album of the Year. And then you had the raging want-to-punch-your-TV-in-anger moment when woman-beating Chris Brown won a Grammy for Best R&B Album.

Except that not everyone shared that last feeling.

Matt Stopera over at Buzzfeed trolled Twitter immediately following Chris Brown's acceptance speech and what he found was quite disturbing and disgusting.

For example:


You get the picture. It's a bunch of girls telling Chris Brown it's all right to beat them up, because he's so damn sexy and such a smooth R&B singer. Sure, a lot of these Tweets were probably just in jest, but if that's the case, then they should be ridiculed for coming up with the lamest and most overused joke of the night.

So then, the question at this point is: who's worse? Chris Brown, who has given us many, many reasons to hate him? Or people who would see all of those reasons and still willingly call themselves fans?