Here’s the trailer for the LCD Soundsystem documentary

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LCD Soundsystem's been dead for nearly a year now. It was last April that James Murphy played his final show as LCD Soundsystem, packed up his various synths and odd retro-looking microphones, threw his suit and tie back into mothballs, dropped hundreds of white balloons onto the raving-mad audience at Madison Square Garden, and did… well, whatever he was going to do with his time off.

And that last part, that's still the question that nags fans of the band today: why?

This is a band that sold out Madison(!) Square(!) Garden(!), to the point where ticket scalpers were making their yearly income from that show alone. And yet, instead of pushing further and trying to reach new heights, Murphy simply "retired" at the peak of the band's critical and commercial success. There's certainly something to be said about "going out on top," but that's mostly reserved for athletes who are already on the inevitable down-slope of their career and luck into a championship. Being an artist, where your output isn't necessarily connected to the integrity of your ACL, is something else altogether.

Luckily, this question is up front-and-center in the trailer for Shut Up And Play The Hits, the upcoming behind-the-scenes look at the band's final shows. It is, obviously, a must-see for any LCD fan: