Jay-Z has come out as a person who favors human rights over dogmatic hate! The rap-treneur recently told CNN that, "What people do in their own homes is their business and you can choose to love whoever you love. That's their business. [It] is no different than discriminating against blacks. It's discrimination plain and simple." Is reason the new swagger? 

This is awesome. No matter how silly it sounds, Jay-Z actually is an important voice in American culture; people listen to him. Jay-Z is a role model, and considering how homophobia in black communities is an oft-discussed topic, his words are important and powerful. Gawker has an interesting write-up on homophobia in rap culture, and past homophobic remarks and rhymes from Jay-Z. They ask the important question: what are the implications of someone who once rapped "faggots wanna talk to po-po's, smoke 'em like cocoa" coming out in support of gay rights? 

Jay-Z also considers Obama's remarks on same-sex marriage to be a "political plus," implying Jay supports Obama's statement from not only a moral standpoint, but from a vote-garnering standpoint. When asked about Obama's literally gay-bashing opponent Mitt Romney, Jay-Z showed more political savvy, refusing to comment with a simple statement that he didn't "want to talk about the man." Choosing not to comment? Do we have a future politician on our hands?

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May 15 12 - 6:42pm
sciences iesacf

And we should give a fuck how Jay-Z feels about anything... why?

May 15 12 - 7:01pm

Fuck you. I got 99 Problems and a commentor ain't one. Bitch.

May 15 12 - 10:35pm
No 1 Problem

A severe lack of talent that seems to be increasingly obvious to people.

May 16 12 - 3:30pm

The "why" was in the article. Have someone read it to you slowly.

May 15 12 - 7:29pm

^ winning

May 15 12 - 8:09pm

The Jay Z quoted rap lyric was obviously not about gay people. How can this writer find reason to criticize him for an important stand that will greater impact on his audience, than say... Lady Gaga or Madonna. And what a generalization about "black communities."

May 16 12 - 1:42pm

The answer to the important question is that there are just as many idiotic gay people that are willing to give their money to this mildly talented a-hole as there are straight people.

May 16 12 - 4:50pm

Wow, Nerve. Of the millions of pictures of Jay-Z available, you pick one with Will Smith for the gay marriage story? What's the matter, no pics with Anderson Cooper available? Perpetuating those kinds of rumors is just childish. I'm disappointed in you.