If Kurt Cobain were here today “I’d have to kill him,” says Courtney Love

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Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain

Ever tasteful and subtle, Courtney Love explained in a new interview with Vanity Fair what she would do were Kurt Cobain to, say, rise from the grave tomorrow: "If he came back right now I'd have to kill him, for what he did to us. I'd fucking kill him. I'd fuck him, and then I'd kill him." 

Love continued, "He tried to kill himself three times! He OD'd at least five times. I was the fucking E.M.S. I was always sticking pins in his balls. I carried around Narcan!" On the one hand, you can sort of see where her frustration's coming from on this one, but on the other… yikes. 

The rest of the interview is no less excruciating, with Love going on and on about "the fraud," her term for the mysterious alleged disappearance of $250 million worth of Cobain's Nirvana earnings, as well as her fractured relationship with daughter Frances Bean, and her regrets over never taking her to a Broadway show. "She fucking loved those Broadway musicals," Love says.

From now on, I'm just going to close my eyes and jam my hands over my ears when she gives interviews. This is getting to be too much for me.