Did you all enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday? Either by watching the game, watching USA's "Law & Order: SVU Man-athon" (actual thing), or doing something completely unrelated? As a fan of football in general, the Giants in specific, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., and eating an entire pizza in one sitting, I was extremely pleased with how the evening went. (Call me, Eli Manning.)

Not that I didn't have a few quibbles — for instance, Ahmad Bradshaw's backwards, almost slow-motion butt slide probably won't go down as one of the most majestic game-winning touchdowns in history. Also, out of all the acts to join Madonna on stage for the halftime show, how is it possible that LMFAO was the only one to get to play even a bit of their own music? I think Minaj and M.I.A. are the best parts of Madonna's newest song, and they lived up to expectations, but to have those two women on stage and give them twenty seconds of material? That's a waste. Luckily, M.I.A. managed to make the best of her precious few moments, getting a raised middle finger past the censors at the end of her verse. It was only there for a moment, so here it is, in case you were getting some queso dip at the time:

It really is the new Janet Jackson nipple slip: hard to see, over almost before it started, and not as shocking as everyone is saying it is. Still, I knew I could count on you to act out a bit, M.I.A.

Commentarium (8 Comments)

Feb 06 12 - 11:28am

She thinks she's edgy but just comes across like a petulant tween.

Feb 06 12 - 12:26pm

nothing like a petulant tween to put the Superbowl halftime show in perspective.

Feb 06 12 - 11:54am

After watching men crash into each other for the first half in the name of good, clean fun I was horrified by the gratutitous aggression of her hand gesture.

Feb 06 12 - 12:18pm

This, however, is funny.

Feb 06 12 - 12:19pm

...The comment above mine, I mean.

Feb 06 12 - 12:24pm

Called it!

Feb 06 12 - 12:26pm

Well, I somehow missed the Superbowl for the second decade in a row, but MIA's middle finger is making headlines everywhere. How will America's delicate sensibilities recover from this horrible event? Does anyone even know what this cryptic hand gesture means? Oh yeah, that's right. Pointless sensationalism on her part, embarrassing over-reaction by everyone else. Can't wait for next year!

Feb 06 12 - 2:42pm
yeah but...

MIA's hand gesture seems pretty appropriate for her verse in the song. In her lyrics she's saying she doesn't give a sh-t..... It's a performance. I'm sure they rehearsed this whole routine 50 times.