Japanese pop star revealed to be computer generated, fans in shock

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This week, Eguchi Aimi, the newest member of the all-girl Japanese pop group AKB48, was revealed to be a fake human. She was perfectly cute, but Eguchi was nothing more than a computer composite of her six band mates; she existed only in a virtual world. The bizarre, and clever, publicity stunt was unveiled in the above video, which shows exactly how the virtual beauty was created.

Fans of the newest band member are understandably disappointed. But it's not hard to see how many were fooled during Eguchi's short run as a pop star. Watch the video above and see if you can pick out the fake girl before she's revealed. I couldn't. And even when I knew who was fake, she still didn't look fake to me.

Also, the group has released an application on their site where you can create the perfectly fake pop star of your dreams.