John Lydon calls Jay-Z “nonsense”

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In a blatant yet successful grab for attention, John Lydon — a.k.a. former Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten — has slammed Jay-Z, telling NME, "I'm afraid what he does is parody to me. Jay-Z's just nonsense." This from a guy who's writing his next album by clanging on his toilet! No, that's a misrepresentation — Lydon's an interesting guy who makes interesting work — but it's odd that he, usually a pretty articulate hater, didn't make his case against Jay-Z clearer. He pretty much just says that he stole a lot of Jay-Z's crowd at Coachella (which doesn't really seem like a value judgment, especially since there's no way the Sex Pistols will ever outsell Jay-Z even with a twenty-year lead), then allows that he's never met the guy, then slams Keith Richards for his autobiography, which he then allows that he hasn't read. Next up: Lydon says Sophocles was "a right twat."