Jorge Garcia sings his heart out in guest appearance with Weezer

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Hurley Jorge Garcia and Rivers Cuomo singing Weezer

Jorge Garcia made his first major public appearance since the end of Lost last night when he joined Weezer at a show in Beverly Hills to sing his sizable lungs out. (Garcia is the model for the cover — and title — of Weezer's new album, Hurley.)

Rivers Cuomo and company brought out Hurley for a version of "Perfect Situation: the Radio Edit version," which Weezer has been doing since 2005. Sadly, you weren't there because it was a private party and secret show for AXE, and you are way too cool to be invited to that.

Hey, idiot with the red iPod video nano: down in front.

One YouTube commenter wants to know: "Why wasn't this in´╗┐ Season 6's flash-sideways timeline?"