Justin Bieber slowed down 800% sounds just like Sigur Rós

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I am not joking, and no matter how much you may hate/not care about Justin Bieber, I urge you to listen to this. It really is hilarious how similar the tween idol's song "U Smile", when slowed down to a crawl, sounds like one of Sigur Rós' dreamy, gauzy, ambient tracks. It's also thirty-five minutes long (which only means that it's three times longer than the longest actual Sigur Rós songs)

For a helpful comparison, this is the song at regular speed:

And for even more helpful comparison, here is Sigur Rós' "Takk," which was the closest thing I could come up with off the top of my head to the glacial Bieber:

Could some enterprising Internet person please now speed up one of the Icelandic band's songs and see if it sounds like Top 40 R&B/Pop? Don't let me down, Internet!

(Hat tip to Andy at Towleroad, as well as a whole ton of Internet commenters, for first making the comparison. It really is uncanny.)