Kanye possibly prepping women's fashion line

While Kanye West hasn't yet achieved James Franco levels of involvement across the spheres of culture, he's getting there: rumors abound that he's working on his debut collection of women's wear, supposedly readying it  for New York Fashion Week this September.

Kanye is apparently maintaining studios in both East London and New York, and has hired knitwear rock star Louise Goldin to oversee design. He's also brought another Louise, "style dictator" Louise Wilson, into the fold as his personal tutor.

Kanye's been a front-row fixture at fashion events for years now. Some of his previous contributions to the world of fashion include some spectacularly ugly and stupidly expensive Nikes, some... uh, ostentatious silk scarves, and last but not least, a humble internship at the Gap. Also, he once unloaded this quote on an unsuspecting world:

"I won't go into a big spiel about reincarnation, but the first time I was in the Gucci store in Chicago was the closest I've ever felt to home."

I hope it goes well for Kanye. The fashion industry is a rough-and-tumble place — Yeezy's delicate feelings and low self-esteem could be hurt by some thoughtless fashionista who doesn't recognize his genius

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Commentarium (11 Comments)

Jul 14 11 - 5:14pm
winston rumfoord

yo alex I'm real happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but Kanye had some of the best nikes of all time.

Jul 14 11 - 8:01pm

Who is Kanye West?

Jul 14 11 - 9:59pm

Oh, that Kanye.

Jul 15 11 - 12:08am
Roy Lee Harwell

Kanye's biggest contribution to society would be a not-yet-written book entitled "Bipolar Disorder for Fun and Profit"

Jul 15 11 - 12:09am
Roy Lee Harwell

An equally prescient onion article:


Jul 15 11 - 9:43am
a capo

fuck kanye west

Jul 15 11 - 3:28pm

because it's good to hate people we don't know shit about? Humanity.

Jul 16 11 - 11:20am

Sadly, we know all too much about Kanye.

Sep 30 11 - 2:32am

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