Kanye West joins the list of celebrities who are terrible at charity

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Kanye West

Kanye West has joined Madonna and Donald Trump in the ranks of celebrities who suck at philanthropy. The Kanye West Foundation closed today, after several years of pretty paltry activity. Apparently, the Kanye West Foundation was only pulling in about $492,000 per year — which is probably very little, compared to, say, one of Kanye's couches. Even worse still is the fact that they reportedly gave out $563 in grants in 2009. I was at a bake sale that raised more than that once.

Now, I've never run a charitable organization, so I don't necessarily know the "ins and outs." But, based on my limited knowledge, I'm pretty sure using less than one percent of your money on actual charity is not how it's done. I guess the silver lining is, since it barely ever existed in the first place, there can't be too many people who will be sad that it's gone.