Ke$ha invites Britney Spears to skinny dip after album success

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This… this just doesn't sound like a good idea for all involved. After the success of "Till the World Ends," the second single from Britney Spears' new album, which was "written" by Ke$ha, Ms. Dollar Sign has suggested the two celebrate with a skinny-dipping party. (I used the quotes, by the way, because the song is also written br Dr. Luke, who is responsible for every song you've heard on the radio for the past three years. So I think he may have had a stronger hand. Truth.) She says:

"Skinny dipping," says Ke$ha, suggesting too that the splash could follow a spin on jet skis and a themed party they'd throw together. "It would be a dress-up-like-Ke$ha-or-Britney party," she says. "Either her place or my place, it doesn't matter."

Perhaps the 24-year-old's new Nashville pad would be the prime spot for such a shindig, especially since she's recently installed an underwater stereo.

"I have a small, salt-water pool that has laser beams in it and a stereo so you can be under water listening to music," says Ke$ha, who's only had time to furnish her new place with a mattress, a Budweiser lamp and a grand piano. "It's really magical."

I call shaved-head-umbrella-weilding Britney! But seriously… no? The song's not terrible or anything, though if I'm being honest I stopped listening to it and switched over to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" — also written by Dr. Luke! — but I just don't like the sound of this. The whole invite feels like an awkward pick-up line and I can't imagine an outcome that doesn't involve shattered glass and clumps of hair strewn about. 

Or something. The point is: Dr. Luke controls all music and this shouldn't happen.