Keith Richards biopic is on the way; Johnny Depp readies prosthetic face

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Keith Richards' memoir, Life, has been a massive bestseller, so maybe it's no surprise that a biopic is (according to Richards himself) on the way, albeit in its very early stages. But Richards himself is anxious about casting: "How are they going to find me? The idea of a succession of Keith Richards coming down is horrifying." (Look at that mug. Horrifying is right.)

Of course, Richards said this immediately after being given an award by Johnny Depp, who famously channeled Richards to play blowsy opportunist Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Depp seems like an obvious fit for the role. On the other hand, Depp's pushing fifty and might be hard-pressed to play the spry twenty-two-year old who wrote "Satisfaction." On the other other hand, they de-aged Jeff Bridges for that new Tron, right? If a computer can make Johnny Depp look like this, why shouldn't it make him look like Keith Richards?

Either way, as the AV Club points out, if Mick Jagger doesn't sign off, there won't be much of a movie, and much of Life is comprised of Richards saying Jagger has a small penis. (Maybe Jagger'll go for it on the condition they cast an actor with a big dick.) Actually, my favorite response to Life remains this Slate article, penned by critic Bill Wyman — no relation to the Stones bassist — in the voice of Jagger. It's a pretty lively and poignant take on what it might be like to work with a charismatic guitarist who also has the nasty habit of nodding off in front of tens of thousands of paying audience members.