Kidz Bop version of “Born This Way” removes all mentions of gayness

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Nothing says "accept and celebrate yourself for who you are" like awkwardly changing the lyrics of a song so that the word "queen," "gay," or "lesbian" need not fall on young ears. (Also, oddly, "Lebanese.") One might say there's no point in taking issue with this — if Kidz Bop wants to change some lyrics so children can finally, finally listen to "Big Pimpin" or "Fuck the Pain Away," who cares? But to change the lyrics in a song specifically connected to a moment in our culture in which we're trying to get kids to not kill themselves because of their sexuality seems particularly thoughtless.

This is another instance in which the simple fact that homosexuality is a thing that exists is deemed somehow too sexually explicit for people under the age of, say, fourteen to be exposed to. If the song referenced, for instance, crazy gay S&M orgies, I could see the reason for some tweaking. Go check out And Tango Makes Three, Kidz Bop; children can handle the fact that gay people are a thing without ending up as prostitutes with crippling drug addictions.

On the other hand, the line "a different viewpoint is not a sin" will keep me laughing for days. That sounds like a really awesome meeting of the debate club, Kidz Bop.