Lady Gaga is being considered as new Queen singer

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lady gaga

For all you music lovers out there who have always pined for Lady Gaga's take on "Bohemian Rhapsody," there's finally hope. Queen guitarist Brian May wants to solve the "singer problem" (as opposed to the "existing without Freddie Mercury problem") the band has suffered from for the past twenty years by tagging in Gaga:

"We get a lot of offers to work with other people. I worked with Lady Gaga and she's very creative and is someone we've talked about singing, fronting the band with. She's not just a singer, she writes her own material."

May worked with Lady Gaga on her most recent single "You & I." Though he says the band is considering other singers, it sounds like, regardless of the final choice, the dude really wants to collaborate with her again.

"We have talked about doing duets with other people and in a strange way I almost pressed the yes button. We were debating the idea of a TV show where we have all these guest stars. We didn't press it today but we are still looking at it. Lady Gaga has said she would like to do something with us."

Since Lady Gaga's stage name is based on a Queen song, I have a hard time believing she'd say no to a formal offer from May. So the ball seems to be in his court. Until then, we have these burning questions: would Lady Gaga appear on stage as herself, as Jo Calderone, or as an entirely new persona? Just how astronomically expensive would a ticket be? And most importantly, would the diehard Queen fans' protests merely rival or surpass the recent London riots?