Lady Gaga posed naked so Tony Bennett could draw her

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Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

The already sort of icky relationship between Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett just got way ickier: Gaga revealed in her ABC Thanksgiving special yesterday that at one point Bennett sketched a nude portrait of her. You know, because of art.

It was such art, in fact, that Bennett is now calling the singer "America's answer to Picasso," whatever that means. The portrait session was set up by Annie Leibovitz, and the end results are set to appear in Vanity Fair. "I walked in and said, 'Well Tony, here we are' and I dropped my robe and I got into position," Gaga explained to Katie Couric. "I felt shy and thought, 'It's Tony Bennett,' why am I naked?" 

She continued, "Oh Tony he's so handsome and I feel terrible whenever his wife is around because he is so charming and such a gentleman."

Excuse me while I take a shower and forget this ever happened, at least until Vanity Fair comes out and we can re-live the uncomfortable memories.