Lady Gaga releases Born This Way outtake/instant Christmas classic

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Lady Gaga has a very special Christmas present for you today – and no, it's not a pair of socks made out of glittery sheep intestines. This morning, Mother Monster gave us the gift of music by Tweeting a previously unreleased track off her latest album, Born This Way. Entitled "Stuck On Fuckin' You," the track extols the virtues of monogamous penetrative intercourse, and it's sure to become an instant Christmas classic for many yuletide seasons to come.

Recorded on the Monster Ball tour bus in one take, the track is a departure from Gaga's usual synth-heavy, heavily-produced fare, featuring hand claps and a blues guitar over Gaga's purring vocals. In the last minute and a half of the song, Gaga launches into a freestyle about drinking warm champagne and being poor and being too deeply in love to care about having mice in her kitchen. How very George Bailey of you, Gaga!