Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die debuts at No. 1 in fourteen countries

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At this point I'm not sure there's much left to say about Lana Del Rey — honestly, has more time and attention been devoted to one person with such little output except for maybe Rebecca Black? Anyway, you know how it goes: some people like her, some people don't care, some people think she's a manipulative corporate hack exploiting music blogs' love of all things indie, some people watched her performance on SNL and thought, "What a lifelike, if glitchy, animatronic!" (For the record: I love "Video Games" and it may or may not have a play count in the low triple digits on my iTunes. The rest of her music is fine to my ears but nothing I'd get excited about.)

But, as we've all learned by now, if you can't ride a wave of love to success, you may as well ride a wave of hatred. Or maybe more like a spring tide of hatred with a storm surge of love. This metaphor is getting complicated. Let's move on. The point is: despite tepid reviews, Del Rey's album Born To Die debuted at number one in fourteen countries this week:

Released on Jan. 31, Born To Die topped the iTunes chart in 14 countries, the U.S., U.K., Italy, France, Germany, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Mexico, and Luxemburg, according to the singer's representatives.

Perhaps even Lana herself was surprised by the success, since she took to Facebook to thank her fans for landing the top spot in only eleven countries. Del Rey already announced plans to rerelease her first album, which she originally put out under her real name, Lizzy Grant, and I'm sure the success of Born To Die will only reaffirm that decision. You may now commence with your extreme hating or loving in the comments, as mandated by internet law.