Lana Del Rey rides alligators in the new video for “Blue Jeans”

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If you're thinking, "I've already seen the video for 'Blue Jeans,'" you're not wrong: Lana Del Rey first released a video for the track, which is also her newest single, way back before she was so famous/infamous. (Is she famous now? I spend all my time on the computer so I'm not sure what it's like out in the real world.) Like her video for "Video Games," it had a lot of close shots of Del Rey crooning intercut with old video clips. (And some of Tupac. Seriously.)

But now Del Rey has made a splash and has a record deal and can afford things like a hunky co-star and a pool full of alligators. The video is basically a more polished version of what Del Rey was already doing: broody, vintage-inspired torch songs with some hip-hop references dropped here and there for flavor. (Strictly lyrical, mind you. She doesn't freestyle on the track or anything.) So, you know, this won't change your mind about her one way or the other:

That said, if it turns out that she was actually the one swimming with those alligators and not a stuntwoman, I will be mightily impressed. That would be pretty hardcore.