Lana Del Rey will reportedly bring her trout pout to American Idol this week

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Lana Del Rey and American Idol both rank pretty high on the List of Things that People on the Internet Love to Complain About. So it makes sense that the two would join forces. As Idolator reports, the singer's name is listed on audience members' tickets for Thursday night's show. 

For those of you who still care about Del Rey and/or American Idol, the "Video Games" singer will be performing alongside Daughtry and Demi Lovato this week on Thursday's results show. Due to the controversy over her tepid live performance on Saturday Night Live a few months ago, Idol watchers speculate that Del Rey will be pre-recording her performance this week, which will likely air on another results show night. 

If the comments on Idolator are any indication, tweeny Idol fans are already sharpening their (pink bedazzled) knives in anticipation for Del Rey's performance, with blogger Becky Bain remarking, "This may be the first time the Idol contestants come off as more experienced than the musical guest." Don't kid yourself, sweetie. Have you even watched Idol lately? Those clowns make Lana Del Rey look like Enrico Caruso.