Listen: Amy Winehouse has finally recorded a new song

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It's a cover of the 1963 hit "It's My Party," originally sung by Lesley Gore. So while it's not like this is her next "Rehab" (please let there be a next "Rehab"), at least it means that Winehouse is back to doing things that aren't drugs. That being said, her delivery here doesn't convince me that she's given up all her vices:

Slurry! And what was up with that bit in the middle? That is not in the original, right? "Sisters come before carpet burns and mumble mumble mumble" is not a saying I have ever heard before, but maybe it's a British thing?

But her voice is still her voice, and Mark Ronson's production is still Mark Ronson's production, so I'm more or less pleased. Keep trying, Amy! Maybe soon you can get back to a place like this: