Listen: Lost Kanye West track “Mama’s Boyfriend”

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Kanye West

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I will always and forever welcome anything Kanye West does with open arms. So of course I'm disproportionately excited about the leak of "Mama's Boyfriend," a track Kanye talked up for a while but ultimately decided to leave off of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Usually extra tracks were clearly axed from the final cut of an album for a reason, but the final version of "Mama's Boyfriend" is actually great. It does distinctly sound like vintage, College Dropout-era Kanye (it's kind of a sound-alike for "Through the Wire," in particular), which might explain why the song didn't make it onto MBDTF. Either way, take a listen below — "Mama's Boyfriend" is catchy, a welcome addition to the Kanye canon, and way more listenable than "H.A.M."