Listen: New Sufjan Stevens song “Too Much”

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Sufjan Stevens is pretty

After a terribly long five-year absence from making music (punctuated only by the release of an instrumental ode to a highway, The BQE), Sufjan Stevens has re-emerged more prolific than ever. With the back-to-back release of a new EP, All Delighted People, (which by the way clocks in at nearly an hour and puts most artist's full-length releases to shame) and a brand new album, The Age of Adz (wait what state is that?), his first since 2005's Illinois, the indie heartthrob and orchestral auteur is poised to conquer 2010.

The album comes out October 12, but you can download his single "Too Much", on which he leaves the sparse folkiness of yore behind in favor of jagged synths and bursting brass. It's a lush, electronic soundscape which just might surprise you. But no need to panic, his yearning vocals and impeccable sense of melody, much like his bedroom eyes remain just as dreamy as ever.

You can download singles off The Age of Adz for free here.