Hear a thirty-second preview of the first new Strokes’ song in five years

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Thanks to the good folks at Amazon we now have a thirty-six second preview of a new Strokes song — "Under Cover of Darkness," off their upcoming album Angles out March 22. Okay, so it's not much to go on, but considering the band hasn't released any new music in nearly five years, we'll take what we can get.

Besides, if one is to judge an entire album by half-a-minute of music (which is a pretty stupid idea, but it won't stop us), this could be the return to form we've been waiting for, especially after 2006's mediocre-at-best First Impressions of Earth, as it's got the cocky swagger that made them so indelible in the first place. Let's hope the boys commence dating models and stop making solo albums for good.