Listen to and recoil from a sample of the Metallica/Lou Reed album

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Look, I loved Metallica, prior to the '90s. And I deeply love Lou Reed, even into some of his later and much-maligned solo work. But their performance of "Sweet Jane" at… whatever the hell it was originally performed at, was just terrible. So I've been somewhat apprehensive at the prospect of their new collaborative project, Lulu. And at the risk of furthering my reputation as a deeply cynical, negative bastard, judging from this newly released preview, it's going to suck.

The first time I heard this, I thought it was a parody. Then I thought it was some kind of other fake. But it's real. Horribly, horribly real.

So it's basically exactly what everybody assumed it would be: Lou deadpans some fake-poetry over a plodding hunger-dunger-dang riff, then James Hetfield comes in and starts braying. Guh.

It's too bad downloading killed the music industry. Otherwise we'd be privy to more overwrought, self-indulgent, dinosaur rock like this. Isn't that right, Lars?