Listen to the new anti-circumcision song, “Foreskin Man,” by Vulva Girl

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Back in July, Matthew Hess, author of the Foreskin Man comic book series (and the San Francisco MGM Bill that sought to ban forced male circumcision), was dealt a blow by a Superior Court judge who made a tentative ruling that the ballot measure be withdrawn. 

Undeterred, Hess collaborated with the Intactivist Underground to create a 1976-sounding dance tune called "Foreskin Man," a come-on to the anti-circumcision superhero supposedly sung by Vulva Girl, Foreskin Man's female counterpart. According to Hess, "With the Siri Amulet as her energy source, Vulva Girl harnesses the supernatural powers of flight and psychokinesis to battle female genital mutilation."

Hess wrote the lyrics ("I get relief knowing you put cutters away, but a girl still needs time for foreplay") and helped compose the music for the new song, which was released just in time for San Francisco's Election Day. Here's how Hess sums up the new offering from MGMbill Records:

"The theme of this song is that the foreskin has value. Imagine watching your favorite color movie in black and white. Would you still be able to follow what's happening? Yes, you would. But you would also be missing something. That is one way to describe sex without a foreskin. All the color is gone."

It's good to know that if Vulva Girl (who's clearly a woman) ever becomes jaded and discouraged by her mission of soaring "across the jungles of Africa" attempting to foil the "bloodthirsty circumcisers" who prey on girls' "fragile innocence," she'll have a career as a neo-disco singer to fall back on. It's interesting how all these artistic energies are being channeled through the fight against circumcision. Don't be surprised if we see a Foreskin Man opera before too long.