Listen: Ugandan President’s new summer jam “You Want Another Rap”

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In what I can only hope will inspire a wacky big-budget kids' comedy starring, say, Cuba Gooding Jr., the President of Uganda has dropped his very own rap single and is considering "quite a big album of the classics."

"You Want Another Rap," which is actually a compilation of sound bites from President Yoweri Museveni's speeches at election rallies set to an adorable beat, has recently become a massive radio and club banger in Uganda in spite of Museveni's onetime statement that "these young people taught me about this 'rap.' I was not following what they were saying." He even has a street new nickname, "M7," and pictures of his sixty-seven-year-old face are showing up Photoshopped onto a "muscled and heavily tattooed torso," much to the dismay of his political advisors.

Take a listen above, and while we're waiting for the remixes to start cropping up, leave your ideas for potential album and movie titles in the comments.