Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber play a creepy couple in the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” video

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Nothing says "Christmas" to me quite like an age-inappropriate holiday romance set in a giant Macy's. Thankfully, that's exactly what Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber delivered in the new, somewhat unsettling video for "All I Want For Christmas Is You." 

Most of the video is pretty standard: Justin shops excitedly for fancy holiday presents in a department store, Mariah slips into classic "sexy Santa" gear and writhes against a wall, an over-eager generic Santa gives out mysterious golden envelopes to random people on the street. It only gets weird towards the end, when Justin and Mariah hop into a sleigh surrounded by screaming fans, and get way cozier than a seventeen-year-old and a forty-one-year-old ever should, on or off camera. 

Watch the video above to bask in the special, kind of icky feeling that only comes but once a year.