Megan Draper as pop star? French tune from Mad Men premiere released as single

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That Don Draper sure is a lucky guy. Witty co-workers, central-casting kids, a hot wife: he's got it all. Then why is he such a dour bastard? Could you remain so sternly aloof if your wife was the Liv Tyler-ish Jessica Pare and she sang you a sexy birthday song like you were JFK? (That's a rhetorical question. No, no you could not.)

In case you missed it (it must be cold under that rock), last night's Mad Men premiere featured the delightful Megan Draper serenading her husband Don during his fortieth-birthday "surprise" party. The flirty little French number she sings is actually an old pop song called "Zou Bisou Bisou", roughly translating to "Oh! Kiss Kiss!", originally recorded by French "ye-ye" singer Gillian Hills. The tune was famously featured in 1966's Blow-Up. (Anachronism-seekers foiled again.)

Pare's sultry performance got a lotta fellers all hot and bothered — not least of them Harry Crane — and, as it turned out, Mad Men production company Lionsgate was one of them. The company announced today that it has released Pare's take on "Zou Bisou Bisou" as a single on iTunes. If I really need to tell you that a special limited-edition vinyl is going to be available, then you just don't understand this whole faux-retro movement that comes around every time Mad Men premieres.

At least now I can safely say that Jessica Pare is my new favorite Canadian chanteuse (sorry, Feist), because, as Angelina Jolie would agree, those gams were made for showin'.