Michael Cera in a real indie band now

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Michael Cera's transformation is complete. He started out as an obscure comic actor, made several movies, and then graduated into a full-fledged cool band dude that owns every Magnetic Fields album. Success!

Cera will play bass guitar in Mister Heavenly, the newly-signed Sub-Pop band with members formerly of Modest Mouse, Islands and Man Man. The pedigree is rich.

There will be no Cera-bashing here. The guy doesn't deserve it. Young people that find success doing exactly what they do, or pursuing creative projects that fit their molds perfectly (gross?) don't need to be the butt of one million hoodie jokes. That being said, Cera might be a garbage guitarist. I don't know! I liked his acoustic project a few years ago, The Long Goodbye, which basically amounted to a few decent songs he wrote with a comedy buddy.

Watch this clip of Cera's first performance with Mister Heavenly and decide for yourself.