Michael Cera joins indie supergroup Mister Heavenly

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Mister Heaven Michael Cera

There's been a lot of buzz about Mister Heavenly, a new indie super-group composed of Man Man's Honus Honus, Modest Mouse's Joe Plummer and Islands' Nick Thorburn. But as of last night things got even more super-er. The band played their first show ever at Seattle's Moore Theater with some little-known actor named Michael Cera playing bass. Maybe you've heard of him. 

Cera is set to play with the band for the rest of their West Coast tour dates, but the band's record label, Sub Pop, won't confirm whether or not he's a full-time member or if this is just a one-time gig. This isn't Cera's first dalliance with indie rock. He's appeared in Islands' trippy video for "No You Don't". And he's played a bassist not once but twice on screen, in Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist and Scott Pilgrim Versus the World. No word either on whether or not he'll break out his patented role of quirky and awkward youth on stage.